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Attention: A scrap/non repairable/bill of sale/junk titles means that you cannot retitle or register the vehicle for road use in the USA.
During Live Auction your bids will appear as "New Jersey" since you will be bidding under AAA Auto Sales Inc. 

Please, read before registering:



1. Registering with AAA Auto Sales Inc. indicates that you fully accept and agree to be bound by our terms and Conditions, so please read them very attentively. If you do not accept our Terms and Condtions, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER.


2. Please enter your name exactly how it's spelled on your drivers license or passport. Enter the address which will be used for title assigning and mailing.


3. Vehicles are sold AS IS with no warranty. Necessary repairs and part location are the buyer's responsibility. Purchaser acknowledges that the vehicle is sold in damaged condition and has been declared a total loss in many cases. The vehicle may have hidden or latent damages and/or defects. It is the buyer’s responsibility to have the car fully inspected. All sales prices  exclude state taxes, license, title, and registration fees, as well as delivery charges.


Please, note that for additional fee of $ 25 bidders can visit the Copart facility and also pay the inspector to view the vehicle. We strongly recommend to inspect the vehicle prior the bidding.  


4. If you don't buy anything, you will be charged $ 25 processing fee out of your security deposit.


5. Broker fee $200 applies to the vehicles priced at less than $10,000. Please, check all the fees in our Information Center/Auction fees. Minimum fee for international buyers is $ 250.


The Buyer must be aware that there will be Copart buyer fees above the bid price. Copart fees will include but may not be limited to buyer fees, internet bid fees, Copart transaction fee $ 50 and gate fees. Any and all purchasers must pay these fees. These fees are not regulated by AAA, they will be included in your final invoice from AAA Auto Sales Inc. It is the Buyer's responsibility to check Copart's fee schedule before bidding.


Copart Transaction Fee- $50 (effective 08/01/2016).

For every vehickle won you will be charged a mandatory Copart transaction fee of $ 50. This fee is separate from the Copart auction fees and AAA Auto sales Inc broker fee. This fee is non-negotiable, non-refundable and applies to the relists as well.


6. If you need to increase your bidding limit, please make sure to email the form and copy of your drivers license at least 24 hours before the auction starts. So we have enough time to fix any problem that can arise.


7. If you have any questions, please contact us at BEFORE registration! 


8. You will NOT be able to buy vehicles in OH, AL, MI and some restrictions in CO, FL and WI. There are also restrictions for purchasing units with biohazard damage, junked/bill of sale, and wrecked/vehicles for dismantlers.


9. Paperwork takes 2-3 weeks from the date the payment for the vehicle is received. For CA residents title processing takes 4-6 weeks. If you have purchased a vehicle/boat/moto, security deposit will be mailed out along with the paperwork for the purchased lot.


10. All vehicles purchased with "buy it now" option, have to be paid within one business day picked up within 3 business days of purchase, otherwise you will have additional $ 50 Copart late fee and storage. If this fee is not present on our invoice, it will be then deducted out of your security deposit. 




12. Registration Laws Disclaimer: AAA Auto Sales Inc. does not guarantee that any vehicle sold can be legally registered in any state or country, and Buyer accepts all risks associated with variations in vehicle title and registration laws between states, provinces, and countries that may negatively impact the marketability of vehicles purchased. With respect to salvage registration, all salvage vehicles must be repaired and inspected in customer's home state before the vehicle can be registered and driven. Please refer to your local DMV for further information. 


13. Effective 06/18/2018: If you are buying a vehicle/boat/moto with title from the same state you reside in, you will be charged $ 75 paperwork fee. If the title is from the different state, the paperwrok fee is $ 25. For example: you reside in CA and title for the purchased vehicle is from CA-documentation fee is $ 75. You reside in CA, but title is from NY-documentation fee is $ 25.


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