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Our basic fee is only $200. No % fee, no hidden fees. Discouts are available.The best customer service.

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Before you can bid and buy with Copart, you must have Buying Power. Buying Power is the total amount you can bid. Security deposit $ 400 is paid at the time of registration. It allows you to bid on one unit up to $ 4,000. If you are planning to buy the item for more than $ 4,000 or multiple items, you will need to add to your security deposit.

Minimum deposit for each additional unit is $ 400 or 10% of the price you are planning to spend. For example, if you want to bid $9,500 you must make arrangements for an increased security deposit of $550 ($ 400 initial deposit+$ 550=$ 950).

On this page you will be able to request increase of your security deposit.

You will have several options.

1. You may deposit cash to our account at any Citi Bank location or you may do wire transfer from your account to our account. In this case the amount is unlimited and no additional fees are added.

2. You may also increase your Buying Power with Credit/ Debit card (Visa/Master Card only). Maximum amount to be charged is $ 2,000. Also note that if you are increasing your Buying Power by CC, 4% non-refundable service charge will be added to the amount. For example: you wish to add $ 600 to you deposit, you will be charged $ 600+$ 24 non-refundable service fee=$ 624.

At the time your deposit is refunded, only $ 600 will be refunded.

The Buyer specifically agrees and acknowledges that due to the non-cancelable and irrevocable nature of the sales transactions with AAA Auto sales Inc., no credit card authorization may be revoked or be subject to “charge-back.” If the Buyer, for any reason, initiates dispute/chargeback, we will proceed with legal actions. And if the case decided in our favor, the Buyer will not get any refund, and his registration will be revoked forever. Buyer will be held responsible for the reimbursement of any fees and losses incurred as a result of Buyer’s failure to comply with any provision in these Term and Conditions.

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AAA Auto Sales INC is a dealer authorized to buy vehicles at auctions in the USA. We can help you find and buy any new or used vehicle, boat, motorcycle, quad or other machines. At present, our company is proud to be one of the brokers of Copart Auto Auction. We offer our customers simple and convenient way to meet all your needs in the purchase, transportation and shipment of their vehicles. Whatever your needs are, we will try to do my best to help
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