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AAA Auto Sales
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How To Buy

Step 1 - Register

  1. Sign up for a membership
  2. Make a refundable security deposit of $400 (good for purchasing one vehicle up to $4,000)
  3. Get access information to your email address.

Step 2 - Bid and Win an auction

  1. Log in to website as a member
  2. Search for the vehicle(s)
  3. Place your bid (how it works)
  4. Win a vehicle

Step 3 - Pay the invoice

  1. Receive a confirmation email from Copart and an invoice from us
  2. Pay for the vehicle within 2 business days
  3. Fax/email requested paperwork (copy of your DL and signed ALL pages of our Terms and Conditions-ssilka na terms and conditions)

Step 4 - Get your vehicle shipped

  1. Order transportation service with us or pick up the vehicle at Copart facility

Step 5 - Get your deposit back

  1. After the transaction is completed (you paid for the vehicle, you picked it up, and there is no late or storage fees), your security deposit will be refunded to you in full. If you are planning on buying more than 1 vehicle, your security deposit is not refunded until we finish all the transactions.

Step 6 - Paperwork

  1. Copart will be mailing all the titles (with no exclusions) to our office. We will prepare all the paperwork necessary (bill of sale, reassignment under your name) and mail by Priority Mail to you. Please make sure, that we have CORRECT mailing address! The whole process takes around 7-10 days.


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Our Company is a dealer authorized to buy vehicles at auctions in the USA. We can help you find and buy any new or used vehicle, boat, motorcycle, quad or other machines. At present, our company is proud to be one of the brokers of Copart Auto Auction. We offer our customers simple and convenient way to meet all your needs in the purchase, transportation and shipment of their vehicles. Whatever your needs are, we will try to do my best to help
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Registered Broker is not owned by or affiliated with Copart, Inc, or its subsidiaries.
Our company is not owned by or affiliated with Copart, Inc., or its subsidiaries. All vehicles are purchased from Auto Sales Inc. not Copart.