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AAA Auto Sales
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Information Center +1 (908) 813-8318
Our basic fee is only $200. No % fee, no hidden fees. Discouts are available.The best customer service.




If the vehicle price is $1-$ 9,999- $ 200


$ 10,000-$ 14,999- $ 300


$ 15,000-$ 19,999-$ 350


$ 20,000-$ 24,999-$ 400


$ 25,000-$ 29,999-$ 450


$ 30,000-$ 49,999-$ 500


$ 50,000-$ 75,000-$ 650


If the vehicle price is more, than $ 75,000 please contact our office for broker fee.


If you are buying a lot in the same state where you reside, we will charge $ 75 documentation fee.

If you are buying a lot  in a different state, we will charge $ 25 documentation fee.






When you purchase something from Copart, you will need to pay Copart fees. Copart fees depend on the price of the vehicle and consist of the following:


- buyer fee


- virtual bid fee


- gate fee


- copart mailing fee


- copart broker transaction fee-$ 50. For every vehicle won you will be charged a mandatory Copart broker transaction fee of $ 50. This fee is separate from the Copart auction fees and AAA Auto sales Inc broker fee. This fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable


- other fees (if applicable)



You may check all Copart fees at the link below. Please not that you will be paying Fee C, when buying through the broker:



Year from:

Year to:

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AAA Auto Sales INC is a dealer authorized to buy vehicles at auctions in the USA. We can help you find and buy any new or used vehicle, boat, motorcycle, quad or other machines. At present, our company is proud to be one of the brokers of Copart Auto Auction. We offer our customers simple and convenient way to meet all your needs in the purchase, transportation and shipment of their vehicles. Whatever your needs are, we will try to do my best to help
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