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How It Works


To access the auction web site use the login and password, received to the registered email address. Choose the option Login Member and enter your access data:


Please, make sure that you enter the User Id number first, not your email address!


Choose your destination: press on the NEW SITE button to be redirected to the copart web site new version:


Enter your email address and Confirm E-mail address and press Submit button.


You will receive a message confirming the entered email address:


Click the Back to home button to get directed to the main menu and start searching and bidding.


After logging in we strongly recommend to change the password. To change it just click on My Account - My account and press Edit in the Password column:


Carsearch may be chosen from the menu SEARCH –Car finder:


Sales List- the list of the sales at copart:


Calendar – search of the auctions dates and facilities:


Getting back to the Search page: you can search the vehicles by LOT/VIN # (on the right) or by Type(on the left):


Here are the results of our search of a 2003-2011 BMW 750i:


Click on the car photo or make to be redirected to the description of the chosen lot:


ou can place a preliminary bid by entering your amount in the Your Maximum Bid space and pressing the green Bid Now button.
You can add the lot onto your watching list not to look for it several times by clicking on the bottom Add To Watch List, thus the lot will be added into the tracking:


We advise our clients to follow the list of lots for sale in order not to miss the desired vehicle during the online auction, because sometimes the lots do not follow by turn. For example, firstly lots from 1 till 60 are being sold, and then immediately lot 101. That means that the lot #101 will be sold at the 61st at the chosen yard. On the average 60 vehicles are sold every hour. So if the desired lot is #70, the sale for this lot will start approximately 1 hour after the beginning of the online auction (but may be earlier). At every yard the lots are sold on several lanes. Lane А - lots from 1 to 1999, lane B - lots from 2000 to 2999, lane С - lots from 3000 to 3999 etc.
To access the online sale choose the option VB2Sales – VB2Sales in the Main menu:


The Preliminary bidding is available till 1 hour before the virtual sale starts.

Press the VB2Sales VB2Sales to see the sale list:


Choose the yard where the vehicle that you want to bid on is for sale, and press on MINI or FULL screen to have the virtual sale window opened.


You might need to download Java module for the first time.


The displayed screen is the online auction screen. We kindly ask you to bid carefully as any lot bought as a result of price button accidental press, must be paid for. The online bid screen looks as follows:


To place a bid, you need to press a button with the indicated bid amount. Pressing it means you have placed a bid. Your bid will be displayed on the current prices bid screen - your bid has been accepted. If during 5 seconds your bid has not been exceeded, the lot has been awarded to you. Also, please, remember: you cannot place a virtual bid on the lot number, on which you placed yoir highest preliminary bid!
The information about the awarded lots is displayed in Main menu in Bid Status Lots Won:.


If you have any questions, please, contact our managers.

Good luck bidding!



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