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AAA Auto Sales
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About us


Auto Sales Inc. offer services in buying vehicles and machinery at We can help you buy, transport and ship to any destination in the world.

 As a transportation broker and shipping company we offer competetive prices for transportation of your vehicle to one of our warehouses (located in Kearny, NJ or Miami, FL) and then further to the destination port. 

If you wish we can make inspection of your vehicle, prepare a list of necessary new and used auto parts and also can assist in buying and shipping them along with a vehicle.

We also offer dismantling of the vehicles, which provides the possibility of shipping 13-15 units in one container.

Thanks to our professionalism and knowledge we have hundreds of satisfied clients and hope to have even more !


To find out more about us as a Copart Broker, please read our Terms and Condtions!



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Our Company is a dealer authorized to buy vehicles at auctions in the USA. We can help you find and buy any new or used vehicle, boat, motorcycle, quad or other machines. At present, our company is proud to be one of the brokers of Copart Auto Auction. We offer our customers simple and convenient way to meet all your needs in the purchase, transportation and shipment of their vehicles. Whatever your needs are, we will try to do my best to help
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Registered Broker is not owned by or affiliated with Copart, Inc, or its subsidiaries.
Our company is not owned by or affiliated with Copart, Inc., or its subsidiaries. All vehicles are purchased from Auto Sales Inc. not Copart.